Thank God for touching my arm so, I can work without pain.

Ablation done. Everything went well! Praising God!

Praise God I've had no vertigo episodes for about a month

Surgery went extremely well!

Miracle healing!!! Thank you Jesus. Glory to God!!! Last night after service I walked to my car without the use of my crutches. This Monday morning I am without them as well.

Praise God!!!! I can't thank Him enough for what is doing with these Hospital bills. I knew there would be 2nd bill since services where missing from the 1st. Still haven't spoken to anyone for assistance. My 2nd Total started at $3,179.78 after the discount in otherords God's move my bill is $1,770.00. God moved $1,430.90 off that bill. I kept praying and asking. HE DID IT AGAIN, GLORY TO GOD!!!!

Thank you Jesus!!! No right knee pain when getting out of bed this morning. The master physician is healing me. Thank you all for your prayers

Praise God. I don't deserve His goodness. I am so thankful, Praise be to God!!!I had been praying for financial provision for my medical bill from the Hospital. The bill was $970.46. I received an email this morning for new balance of $80.64.

Thankful for God’s financial blessings!

She’s up and doing great one day after surgery! Thank you Jesus for this tough Momma!

Doctor said they got all the cancer and everything else was clear. No chemo or radiation needed.

Praise God for a healthy new grandbaby grandbaby born this week (My son's). Unexpectedly at 35 weeks, but he's now at home and doing well

Surgery went well and is recovering



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